The day had arrived. The preparations had finished days before and everything was ready for the grand opening of The Bamboo Body. The team could not be more excited. The desire for everything to go perfectly could be seen in their faces. Anna, Daniel and Charlie, the promoters of this unprecedented project in the city, had prepared several surprises to enjoy throughout the event.

At half past six, the first guests began arriving. They were mostly students of the center, who did not want to miss the opening of the first space dedicated to Movement Culture in Spain, located at 31st of Cabanes Street in Barcelona. They came smiling, animated, and curious. Most were foreigners who were already familiar with movement classes in their countries. But there were also many people who personally wanted to see the 200 square meters dedicated exclusively to movement education.

New Gym Barcelona

A hall, a dressing room, and a large main room make up the new center of The Bamboo Body. The latter should be highlighted since this is where the training, classes and workshops related to the movement, which we will organize throughout the year, will take place.

The door kept opening. Friends arrived and also numerous unknown faces that, during the event, became interested in Movement Culture. "It's a philosophy of life that goes beyond training. Movement is not a channel through which you improve your physical condition; it is an essential factor to stay alive and keep your body in its best state as long as possible,” explained Anna to a group of young people. They wanted to recover from the time they spend sitting in their offices to regain their health.

New gym Barcelona

They were in the right place. At The Bamboo Body Center, we have all the necessary resources to return the capacity to move with which they are born to their bodies. Gymnastic rings, monkey bars, and mace sticks fill the open room. They are simple elements but they allow a wide variety of use. Some did not hesitate trying them out and doing exercises in front of the rest of the guests.

Others preferred to taste Kiira's snacks. Our partner is the nutritionist who supports those students who ask for it with a good diet during training. She prepared a delicious and healthy buffet with different healthy snacks, both sweet and salty. Small and very original canapés were made with fresh fruit, such as figs and watermelon, and foods full of nutrients, such as cheese and ham.

The finale was performed by the Slovak dancer Martin Kilvady who is a recognized international choreographer and a good friend of the team of The Bamboo Body. He came to Barcelona to participate in the party with an exclusive performance. In four segments, in which he covered various movement concepts. He introduced the workshop that he was going to direct during the following two days in the new space of The Bamboo Body. In this way, both the team and our students took advantage of Martin's stay to the fullest. He always has discoveries and experiences to convey.

The opening could not have gone better. We enjoyed an unbeatable day, accompanied by family, friends and new faces that will continue with us. After months of preparation and tuning, we were left with the excitement of starting this new adventure and the support of not only all those who were present, but also of those who could not come… a love that we appreciate and take as support to move forward.

Thank you