Our classes are divided in two categories; movement classes and specialized classes where we take care of the weak links that prevent you from developing within your physical practice.

Here is what we offer:

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Movement class

In this class we work within the general perspective of movement practice, we attack different movement concepts from a variety of angles in order to help our students to understand better how it can be applied across a wide variety of disciplines. We are trying to provide a way for people to grasp the vastness of human movement and relate in a different ways to their bodies.


strength class

For many, strength can be a limiting factor when it comes to initiating  the movement practice. Our specialized classes will help you improve this situation. We work with Gymnastic Strength Training protocols adapted for adults as well as multi-linear strength concepts in order to work on a body that can handle variable and sustainable practice. Our classes are adapted to any level, so you can benefit from it both being a beginner and an advanced practitioner.

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Hand Balancing class

This is probably one of the most fun ways to spend time – upside down! Almost all of us did it as kids, but then we grow older and don’t consider ourselves capable of it anymore. It is indeed a very complicated skill to learn as an adult. However, we have special ingredients to protect your joints and enough tools to enable you to move forward with this ability.

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mobility class

Sustainable movement practice requires strong and elastic joints that can be used in a whole range of motion. We offer  our students this class in order to provide them a variety of tools that make them move freely without being restricted by lack of mobility. Proper joint preparation is a key to longevity and injury-free practice. Classes are adapted to all levels.


locomotion class

This is a fascinating type of practice that we consider a “whole nutrition” for the brain and body. The word “locomotion” itself refers to simply shifting your position in space. There are infinite ways to complete this task, which why we have gathered various methods from very inspiring sources. This type of practice was developed extensively by Ido Portal, and our classes are heavily inspired by this man. Ido practiced capoeira, dance, martial arts, his own research, etc. He also combined it all into a beautiful art form that we are eager to introduce you to. With this type of practice, you will develop a relationship with the floor,  coordination, strength, mobility, overall agility and many more qualities that can be transferred to a variety of skills. All the classes are adapted to any level, so you can benefit from it both being a beginner and an advanced practitioner.