Elements class

If you don’t know where to start with your practice and are looking for the baseline with which to begin, this is the most recommended class for you. In our foundation classes we teach a little bit of everything in order to give you a taste of what we do so you can start building a base and decide if you want to work on something more specific further on.


Gymnastics strength classes

Gymnastics is the queen of all sports. It consists of a very complex bodyweight skills, and it is generally considered that you should start as a kid to learn them. We are offering classes for adults where you can obtain gymnastics skills in a safe and efficient way no matter what age you are. The classes are divided into different levels. Please consult us to choose the level that suits you.

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Hand Balancing classes

This is probably one of the most fun ways to spend time – upside down! Almost all of us did it as kids, but then we grow older and don’t consider ourselves capable of it anymore. It is indeed a very complicated skill to learn as an adult. However, we have special ingredients to protect your joints and enough tools to enable you to move forward with this ability.


the bamboo body class

Every specific practice that involves strength elements requires proper joint preparation. Mobility is probably the most important and most neglected part of physical training nowadays. In The Bamboo Body classes we will show you how to take the best care of your joints for everyday life and specific practices.


locomotion class

This is an interesting practice that we consider a “whole nutrition” for the brain and body. The word “locomotion” itself means shifting your position in space. There are so many ways to complete this task, and we have gathered various methods from very inspiring sources. This type of practice was developed extensively by Ido Portal, and our classes are heavily inspired by the man. Ido took capoeira, dance, martial arts, his own research etc. and combined them into a beautiful art form that we are happy to introduce to you. With this type of practice you develop coordination, strength, mobility, overall agility and many other qualities that can be transferred to other skills. Thes classes are divided in different levels, please consult us to choose the one that suits you.