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The Bamboo Body Barcelona is an educational facility where we approach human movement from different angles in order to provide our students with understanding of its complexity. In our classes we concentrate on a content rather than on the container, constantly shifting practice around so the most essential parts can be extracted from each concept and later on successfully applied across all kinds of physical disciplines. On the first place we are interested in providing people with deep understanding of how their body works. In our work we use methods that can bring you to the highest level of physical skill that are proven to be efficient by thousands of practitioners all over the globe. We accompany our students on a journey or development of their personal movement practice and give them tools to sustain continuous learning. We take them through all the stages that are required to eliminate weak links that prevent freedom of movement in each person individually and prepare the body for high demand. The further you go the further your practice evolves in complexity, uncovering both physical and mental capacities of human body.

In our facility we follow the process developed by Israeli teacher Ido Portal, who have travelled the world learning about movement from different cultures and after putting years of practice on a great variety of disciplines found a way to extract the essence of it. Martial arts, yoga, dance, gymnastics, acrobatics – just to name a few sources of his learning over the years. It all came together in the unique combination that brings together Movement Culture – a global community of people who move.

We work with ALL levels of physical ability.