Nutritional assessment and guidance

A very important aspect of physical training is the fuel with which you fill your body. Every person is the universe: we are all different and when it comes to alimentation, each one of us needs a completely different approach. Our specialist in dietology will help you find nutrition habits that will work the best for you as an individual.


Kiira Cabrera

Kiira is an active nutritionist based in Barcelona, from where she develops different projects around human nutrition. She has studies in nutrition, circus arts and dance. This duality has encouraged her to investigate the relationship between movement and nutrition. How what we eat and when we eat it can strongly influence our physical development and our overall health.

How it works?

Do you want to improve your physical performance and overall health through the foods you eat?

A conscious nutrition for each person and there unique world...
In the individualized nutrition consultations we identify what food patterns could be
harming you, and from the roots we define new food routines and tools to help you
nourish each one of your cells. We share with you nutrition education/tips and
Individualized eating plan that suits your lifestyle and nutrition requirements according
to your health goals.

The individual consultation

Our goal is to help you incorporate in your day healthy eating habits that adapt to you,
your needs, tastes and preferences. And that above all, at the end of the process, you
understand the “why” of your new eating habits. In our food philosophy we believe
that a very important pillar is education. For this reason each individual consultation is
a learning space where we will go deeper into different nutrition topics, according to
your doubts and needs.
Once fixed the date of the consultation, we will guide you and share with you the
information that you need to reach your nutritional goals. The number of consultations
will vary depending on your concerns, but our goal is that at the end you have the
autonomy to know what nutritional decisions will be best for you in different

How does it work?

The initial consultations
We start with a first session that lasts around 90 minutes were we take some time to
get the full picture of your current health status.

● Nutritional assessment
● We value your general state of health ( personal and medical history)
● We set short-and long term goals.
● We go through the firs block of nutrition education: basic guidelines of
conscious nutrition.
● We fix the first dietary guidelines to follow.
Subsequent reviews (the following sessions last around 45-60 min)
In the following consultations we review your progress and adjust with further
information and tips to keep you motivated and on track.
● We observe the changes in the guidelines incorporated in the previous
● We create a space to resolve doubts
● We review your progress and make any necessary adjustment to your plan.
● We go through the II block of nutritional education with further nutrition
education and tips to help you along the way
● We set new guidelines and dietary pattern to follow.



First consultation: 80€
Subsequent reviews: 40€
The number of consultations varies depending of each person. We recommend at least
3 consultations in the period of 3 months to ensure that you are well equipped in

achieving your health goal. This allows for any necessary adjustments to be made as
your body and metabolism changes over the weeks of nutrition intervention and

For who?

• For any person who has interest or curiosity in taking care of their health through the
foods they eat.
• For people who want to reduce the consumption of processed product and want to
learn alternatives to these.
• People with weigh problems (excess or lack)
• For people who want to improve their athletic performance
• For people who suffer from any type of disease or imbalance in their health.
• For families who want to incorporate and learn new ways of cooking in a creative,
healthy and simple way.

For further information you can contact our nutritionist: