We invite you to step away from your everyday life, and join us in our 8 day retreat  in the stunning countryside of Cantabria in the north of Spain. We will stay in a beautiful rural house in a small village between mountains and forest, and 20 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean with its breathtaking beaches.

Our aim is to help you rediscover ways of taking care of yourself, by learning different skills that will help you create an adaptable body.

We believe that each one of us is unique which is why we have designed this retreat so that it can adapt to you and your own needs. We all are different and it is important to listen to our body and understand what it needs at different levels. We will guide you and encourage you to reach and sustain your goals.

Movement is a fascinating and infinite world where you can touch the deepest layer of you as a human being that is unfortunately getting forgotten as the technology progress increases. We are eager to share with you our passion for movement so you can return home with a full toolbox of practical ideas for your personal development


Each day will be divided in two training sessions:

1. Training session involving organic strength development tools

-  Optimizing adaptability of one’s body to the changing environment involving nature as a stimulus

-  Strength work involving another human body, contributory stressors

-  Low gate locomotion patterns and work with the ground

-  Plyometric work and techniques for optimizing power outputs of the lower limbs

-  Basics of gymnastics strength training and programming

-  Basics of hand balancing

-  Active mobility and principles of development of usable ranges of motion

2. Guided movement research tools

-  Partner work and movement games

-  Techniques for development the proper locomotion practice

-  Concepts of kinesthetic intelligence amplification

-  Techniques from various disciplines to increase body awareness and quality of movement

-  Reflex training

Some activities will be held in the space created especially for movement activities, others will involve natural environment in the beautiful region of Cantabria with its stunning views, dense forests and magnificent beaches.


Another important aspect of health is the way we fuel our body, this is where another pillar of the retreat comes in. Nutrition.

Every day we will nourish all our cells with delicious homemade food specially thought to restore our bodies. Our nutritionist will be in charge of creating the menu and feeding our moving bellies, so we have all the energy we need to get through the day feeling at our best.

During the retreat we will give important information about basic nutrition, and how to find the best foods that nourish you as an individual person. Another day we will all be chefs, and create delicious healthy snacks, for our daily life.


Every morning we will have a space, with a guided meditation and breathing exercises


Contact with nature is crucial for our wellbeing. As human beings we seem to have forgotten where we came from. We truly believe in the restoring power of being in contact with the earth. Getting away from the concrete of the cities, and immersing ourselves in mountains, forest, seas, with its pure oxygen, and cleaning powers.

Contact us via info@thebamboobody.es for detailed information and registration details.