Definitely, spring has arrived, and to celebrate it we share with you a recipe for when you are  "On the go".

We all have ‘On the go days’  every now and then. They are those days when you just don't have the time to go back home to prepare a delicious nutritious meal. This recipe is perfect for when you know you're going to be out all day and you want to avoid that dry sandwich with no nutritious value for your cells...

Here I  present you one of my favourite versions, but you can fill the recycled glass jars with your favourite home made lunches.

The basic idea is to fill a glass jar with nutritious foods, that boosts your energy and your immune system. It is very useful and practical to take with you wherever you need, you just have to find the size that matches with your belly.

And why in a glass jar instead of a plastic tupperware?

  • Because you get to see the food you put in it and it “normally” looks beautiful.
  • Because you can fill it with nutritious and healthy foods.
  • Because you can heat it in a water bath and avoid the microwave.
  • Because it is free of bisphenols and BPA.
  • Because there are as many different sizes as bellies exist and last, but not less important...Because plastic tuppers always lose their lid.

So if you haven't tried this version yet, I encourage you to try it out with your favourite meals or you can start by making your on the go lunch with this recipe.

The Bamboo Body Nutrition

Lunch ‘On the go’

Recipe:  Carrot Terrine

Ideally, it should be prepared the night before. It also makes up an excellent dish for dinner, paired with a salad


For 6 people:

  • 1 kilo of peeled carrots cut into round  pieces
  • 2 white medium onions
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 4 eggs (preferably organic eggs)
  • 100 ml of vegetable broth
  • A spoonful of dill (better if it is fresh and finely chopped. If you can not find it, you can also use dry dill
  • Optional: between 100g and 200g of hard cured cheese (best of sheep or goat)
  • Olive oil (preferably cold pressed virgin)
  • Salt
  • White pepper



Chop the onion and garlic, and cook them in a large casserole with a little of olive oil. Once they become tender and golden, add the carrots and vegetable broth. Let them cook until the carrots soften (between 20 and 30 minutes). It is important to stir and look out that the liquid gets absorbed, as there should not have too much broth left at the end. Then, we smash the mixture a bit with a fork. Add a little of salt and white pepper to taste.

During this process, switch on the oven to 170 degrees and line a rectangular mold with vegetable paper. Beat the eggs and mix them with the carrot, the dill (and the cheese, if we want to add it ). Pour the mixture into a  rectangular mold. Then place this mold in another tray filled with about 4 fingers of water to prepare the water bath.  Cover it with another sheet of vegetable paper and bake it for 30-40 minutes until it sets. Then remove from the oven and let it cool. Once it's cold,put it in the fridge.

To serve, carefully remove it from the mold, turn it over and cut it into slices.

Recipe: Spring salad with toasted almonds and red cranberries


  • A handful of raw spinach
  • A handful of baby green leaves  (mustard, beet, dandelion...)
  • Half a pear cut into cubes
  • Toasted almonds
  • Dehydrated red cranberries
  • Oil, lemon, mint...
  • Edible flowers: calendula, pansy flowers...


Place all the ingredients on a plate, first the green leaves and spinach, then the pear and finally  add the chopped cranberries and toasted almonds, adjust with a lemon, olive oil dressing.

Recipe: Hummus with turmeric and orange

A hummus with a different touch. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and combined  with the orange it gives this hummus  a soft and special touch.


  • 1 jar of chickpeas, about 400gr
  • Half lemon juice
  • Half orange juice
  • 2 spoonful of tahini
  • ½ cup of soft olive oil
  • Salt
  • ¼ teaspoon of turmeric
  • 1 peeled garlic clove


We need a blender or processor. Beat the garlic with the orange juice, lemon juice and the teaspoon of turmeric. Once mixed, add the chickpeas and beat until it is homogeneous. To finish, and with the blender running, we add the olive oil. We adjust with salt, lemon, orange, to math our own taste..

How do we assemble the Lunch Jar "On The Go"?

Cut the portion of the  terrine that you want and put it vertically inside the jar. We can fill one side of the pot with hummus, and fill in the rest of the gaps with the salad.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Happy days!!

Kiira Cabrera

Foto credits: Charlie Aimée

This recipe is a translation from the original written in Spanish in April 2017, for the company ¡¡Es Fácil… Si Sabes Como!!

Kiira is an active nutritionist based in Barcelona, from where she develops different projects around human nutrition. She has studies in nutrition, circus arts and dance. This duality has encouraged her to investigate the relationship between movement and nutrition. How what we eat and when we eat it can strongly influence our physical development and our overall health.  In 2016 she creates Tibukés kitchen, a catering project that is born from the illusion of sharing health conscious food with other collectives who also promote a responsible and sustainable lifestyle…

You can book individual consultations here. You can also find more about her nutrition philosophy and work on her website and Instagram.