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We present our nutrition seminar, to get closer to the world of nutrition as a fundamental pillar of our health.

The Bamboo Body Nutrition Seminar

The objective is to advise you on the essential aspects of nutrition and diet so that you can adapt it to your lifestyle and your own needs. And that they also understand the importance of good nutrition as a complement to other healthy habits, to prevent fatigue and improve the state of health in general.

In this seminar, we will review the fundamental keys of a healthy diet and we will go into some concepts of nutrition.

We will talk about the following concepts:

  • Introduction and fundamental keys to a healthy diet
  • Circadian cycles and Nutrition
  • Introduction to Mindful eating + practice


Saturday, April 14 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


The Bamboo Body Center

Barcelona, Cabanes 31th Street



Who teaches?

Kiira Cabrera: Nutritionist focused on food education and healthy habits.
Her interest in the properties of food and its influence on health led her to study Nutrition at the University. To this day, she is developing severaldissemination projects about food education, through workshops, retreats and seminars. All of them for groups and individually. She also makes nutrition consultations in Barcelona.

"I believe that life is a constant learning, that there is no absolute truth, that each of us is a 'world' with our needs and it is in our hands to learn to listen and observe with calm, patience and respect. And in this way, we will find the nutrition that works best for each one of us."

You can find more of his work in the link below:


To register, contact us at info@thebamboobody.es