We offer you 5 days of intense practice with generalist approach to movement. A whole week of 3 hours sessions that will allow us to help you develop a better understanding of human body and patterns it is capable to create. We will work on installing new software into your brain and will teach you how to build your personal physical practice from the movement perspective. 

All the material will be adapted for any level, both people with little to no experience as well as more advanced practitioners can benefit from it. We are looking for dedicated people who are truly interested to learn more about movement. 

Information about The Bamboo Body, our philosophy and methodology: http://www.thebamboobody.es 

Shedule: 6-10 of August, from 11.00 to 14.00

Place: some sessions will be held in The Bamboo Body center at calle Cabanes 31 (Metro Paral.lel), some outdoors - the exact spot to confirm with participants. 

For students of The Bamboo Body: 60€
For everyone else: 150€

In order to secure a spot payment of the full price should be made in advance. Capped to 20 people.

Contact for information and bookings: info@thebamboobody.es