He wants to try what he didn’t have the the opportunity to do before. Glenn is a writer who finds inner peace in Movement which helps him become inspired when he sits downs in front of a blank sheet of paper. Now he trains with The Bamboo Body and says  he can positively develop himself in different physical and psychological aspects—an experience that makes his vision of that way of life an obligatory form of happiness therapy.

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When did you started to practice Movement?

Ten years ago, more or less. At that time, I was occasionally practicing yoga. However, I needed something beyond that. I investigated other alternative training until a friend of mine showed me Movement Culture on the internet. I met Anna from The Bamboo Body, and I began going to her classes.

What drove you to try it?

My motivation started two years ago, at a moment when I wanted to try all that I couldn’t do before because of health problems. Now, this idea is my way of life of life. When I discovered  Movement Culture, I found it really interesting. In addition, I like to work on inner peace, and this is possible at the workshops and classes with small groups at The Bamboo Body’s location. For me, it is like meditation.

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Did you consider yourself athletic before trying this approach?

We could say that I practiced sports a little. Also, I occasionally did yoga, but just for aesthetics. Now my perception of movement, and the importance it has for us, has absolutely changed. In fact, my ideas about vital issues are now totally different.

What improvements do you feel since you practice with The Bamboo Body?

I felt improvement in every sense. Physically, I have more energy and I’m in better physical shape. In addition, it helps to alleviate some of my injuries. Internally, I feel more confidence in myself, and more happiness in general. I especially suffered from depression and anxiety, and I think that Movement is the best therapy. More than ever, I believe that we all must move more it is something that is our way of being.

At what times do you practice it?

Always! (laugh) It is very easy do some movements every day. However, I perform the complete workout at least four times per week.

How far would you like to go in this?

It is not something I can plan as a goal. I feel that my life is a journey where I do not know the destination, but I will certainly continue practicing Movement so that this trip lasts even longer.