• The Bamboo Body (map)
  • 31 Carrer de Cabanes
  • Barcelona, CT, 08004
  • Spain

On the 3rd of February we will hold an informative event at The Bamboo Body about Sleep and athletic performance imparted by Meredith Peters, M.D. in Sleep Medicine.


The link between sleep and athletic performance is not anecdotal. Studies show that sleep deprivation can decrease athletic performance, and extending sleep can improve athletic performance.

Sleep loss activates the sympathetic nervous system; increases inflammation; increases the expenditure of energy, even at rest; and impairs glucose metabolism. These physiological contributions could negatively impact physical performance.

In sleep-deprived individuals—both athletes and non-athletes—sleep loss results in decreased alertness, decreased motivation and decreased reaction time. There is also an increase in the degree of perceived exertion and the experience of pain. These psychological factors can also have negative effects on performance.

The events includes two hour lecture and Q&A section.

The Bamboo Body Barcelona Movement Culture Event


The Bamboo Body. Calle Cabanes, 31 (near metro Paral.lel)


10€ for members of the facility, 20€ for non members




Please contact us via info@thebamboobody.es to register for the event.