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We will develop specially the mobility of the body, thinking that any point of the body can move in any direction around the space. 

Theater Dance Workshop Barcelona

Olga Álvarez will share with us her technique, PRESENCE, which focuses on the analysis of the mobility of three axes: the head, the trunk and the pelvis. Then it also passes to the direction of the look, hands and feet. It aims to find the personal movement, free of discomfort, that avoids physical injuries or that takes advantage of them to transform them into a form free of pain.

It works with simple concepts: direction, planes, mass and weight, lift and fall... and it’s in a form similar to massage. It is pleasant, simple, concrete and forceful.

The workshop has two phases:

  1. One seeks to awaken curiosity and rescue the restricted mobility of the body with exercises and manipulations from body to body, with simple exercises that bring us closer to the body's awareness as a whole.
  2. And the second phase seeks creation. Once this common language is built, we will concentrate on the search for compositional structures. We will develop with your most instinctive mobility, small improvised choreographies, poetic, narrative or emotional images that allow us to glimpse the creative power of a technique that unites body, conscience and emotions.

Workshop for anyone interested in exploring different forms of movement art.


Saturday 5 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Sunday 6 from 10:00 to 14:00


€ 80 (-20% for Bamboo body members, members of the APCD - Association of Professional Dancers of Catalunya- and the APCC - Association of Professionals of the Circus of Catalonia)

Olga Álvarez (La Taimada)

Theater Dance Workshop Barcelona

She has been a choreographer since 2004 and co-director of the company La Taimada since 2015 with Jordi Cabestany. She also works as a teacher in the Institut Del Teatre, El Timbal and others. Dancer with companies such as Búbulus, Las Malqueridas, Cia.Sebastian G.Ferro, and has also collaborated with performers such as Giovanni Scarcella (Wim Vandekeybus).

In recent years she has created and directed for the Cía. Impàs the show Múltiples (2016), a premiere in Temporada Alta Festival. And with her company La Taimada, with Jordi Cabestany, co-directing El Octavo Día, Lo.Li.Ta and La Muerte.

In recent years she has created and directed for the Cía. Impàs the show Múltiples a premiere in Temporada Alta. (2016). And with her company La Taimada with Jordi Cabestany co-directing El Octavo Día, Lo.Li.Ta and La Muerte.


The Bamboo Body. Adress: Calle Cabanes, 31 (Barcelona).


For booking and further info please contact us via info@thebamboobody.es